I want you to feel secure in knowing that I have the professional skills and hands-on experience needed to serve you with excellence and expertise, as well as common sense and understanding! In addition to my professional experience listed below, like many of you, I also wear the hats of wife, mother and grandmother.  And that experience I can’t begin to detail on one website page!  So I’ll summarize it like this – I have likely been where you are going, are where you are, or am going where you have been.  Whatever the case, we’ll make a great team!

  • Founder, Owner, Operator of 2 successful and profitable small businesses
  • Speaker and Instructor:
    • Organization and Home Management – 15+ years
    • Leadership Effectiveness and Motivation – 10+ years
    • Home Economics – Teens and Adults – 10+ years
    • Culinary Basics – Teens and Adults – 8+ years
  • Author
    • Curriculum on Organization, Home Management, Motivation and Leadership Skills
  • Private Consultant
    • Home Organization and Space Management – 5+ years
  • Event Planner
    • Large group events
      • Conferences, Luncheons, Seminars, Retreats
  • Volunteer
    • Schools, Church, Community


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