An Apple a Day really may Keep the Doctor Away!


Juicing has become all the rage for good health, and Apples are a major player in the majority of Juicing Recipes.  It is important to educate yourself on how to use fruits and vegetables in your juicing.  More is NOT always better.  I am doing a series on Fruits and Veggies and will include juicing information when applicable.

Fun Fact:

  • Only 30 varieties of apples were recorded in ancient Rome – but there are more than 1400 different types of apples today!


  • Available year round
  • Terrific source of pectin, which forms a gel to remove toxins from the intestines
  • The potassium and phosphorus in apples help flush the kidneys
  • The natural sugar produces acids that stimulate saliva flow and digestion


  • Try to eat only organic apples – otherwise, peel before juicing.  Check out this article on the residue of chemicals on the skin on apples.  
  • If you must BUY  apple juice, never buy it if you can see through it.  This means it is pasteurized, or cooked, and then filtered so that all the helpful enzymes are removed.  Instead buy cloudy-looking juice with sediment on the bottom.  

Buying and storing:

  • Look for firm, crisp apples with smooth skins and without soft spots or bruises
  • Apples continue to ripen at room temperature.  
  • Store in a heavy paper bag – away from onions and potatoes – in the fridge for up to 2 months




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