Oh Boy – NO SOY!

Guittard Extra Dark Chocolate Chips

SOY, SOY, SOY!  It seems to be in everything in one form or another.  This post however is dealing with soy lecithin – which is an emulsifier – and is in many of our foods today.  In particular, I have been on the hunt for a chocolate chip that does not have soy lecithin in it.  My hunt was pretty exhaustive – Whole Foods, Central Market, Fresh Market, HEB, Kroger, Target.  My findings – ONE brand only does not include soy lecithin.  So, what’s the big deal you may be wondering.  Well, the big deal is that as of 2013, 93% of the soy in the US is genetically  modified.  I will let your draw your own conclusions about Genetically Modified foods, but as for me, I choose to avoid them when possible.  Now, back to my findings.  Guittard was the only brand I found  that did not contain Soy Lecithin, but only their Extra Dark Chocolate variety – it uses sunflower lecithin.  And Guittard states, both on the front of the bag and in the ingredient listing, that the company does not use genetically modified ingredients.

Guittard Ingredients

Score 2 points for Guittard!  No Soy and Non-GMO!  So if you, like me, are looking for products that do not contain soy – or GMO ingredients – Guittard Extra  Dark Chocolate chips are the ones for you!


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