Dish Soap vs. Oil Stain . . . Palmolive Wins!


dish soap vs. oil stain

Have you ever gotten an “oily” stain on your clothes that you just can’t get out?  Well that’s what happened to my husband this past weekend while I was out of town.  His favorite pair of dress pants had gotten 4 oily spots on them – that seemed to be permanent.  I used my DIY stain removal bar – nope!  Then my eye make-up remover – nope!  Maybe soda with salt would “soak” it up I thought – nope again!

So, what did I do?  That’s right, I looked on the internet and found what seemed to be a stain removal method too easy to be true.  Dish Soap.  That’s it.  Plain old dish soap.  So, what did I have to lose?  I rubbed the dish soap into the oil stains and let them sit an hour like the post advised.  They lessened but they did not disappear.  So I went back to the post and read the comments and some dear soul had added that if you use the newer, eco-friendly plant-based dish soap it won’t work. You have to use the old-school petrochemically based dish soap (oil/petrochemical –  made sense to me!).  So I tried again with some old dish soap that I had on hand.  Again, I rubbed it into the spots and then left it overnight this time.

The next day I washed the pants in cold water – adding a half cup of vinegar to the rinse water to cut any residual dish soap and voila – the stains were gone!  Oh, I left out the most important step – I PRAYED!  Yep, I sure did – I believe more and more that God is interested in ALL aspects of our lives, so I asked Him to give me wisdom and help me get that stain out of my husband’s favorite pants – and He did!


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