Mosquito Bites Bugging You? Try This!

vitamin eFor those of us that live down here in the Gulf Coast area, mosquitoes are a BIG nuisance.  Here’s a tried and true remedy for those pesky mosquito bites.  AS SOON AS you know you’ve been bitten, open up a capsule of Vitamin E and rub the contents into the bite.  The itching will stop and the bite will not develop any further.  No big red bites, no itching, no “welps” – all from this simple application.  BUT remember, it must be done as soon as you get bitten – that’s the key.  So, carry some with you on outing along with something to puncture the capsule open with.  At home, stick a push pin into the lid of the Vitamin E bottle so you have it handy all the time.  Caution:  Be careful not to get the vitamin E on your furniture or clothing – it is an oily substance and will create an oil stain.  So, give it a try – what have you got to lose besides insatiable itching and red blotchy bites all over you!


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