Now you see it – now you don’t!

ink and hairspray

removing ink mark with hairspray


I neglected to take before and after pictures, so you’re just going to have to trust me on this one.  There really was an ink mark on this shirt before I applied the method below!

My husband got an ink pen mark on one of his golf shirts.  When I was sorting laundry today, I came across that shirt and a long-ago memory popped into my head.  Removing ink marks from clothing with hairspray!  That’s right – hairspray.  So, I went and got the hairspray, sprayed it on the ink mark, rubbed the area until all evidence was gone, rinsed out the hairspray – and voila – no more ink mark.  A shirt saved – woohoo!  So, I wanted to share that with you so that you too can “rescue” a piece of your clothing from the rag bag!


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