My First Cookbook

kids-books_03I still can remember my very first cookbook.  It was produced by Imperial Sugar – out of Sugarland, Texas.  I still have it!  Anyway, I had to be 10 or 12, and wanted to surprise my mom with an angel food cake for when she came home from work.  I got out the recipe and realized I was missing one ingredient – but it couldn’t be VERY important I reasoned – after all it only called for a half teaspoon or so.  The ingredient was Cream of Tartar!  For those of you not accustomed to baking, that is what makes the cake rise!  Ha Ha!  Anyway, as mothers do, my mother acted like that 2” tall angel food cake was the best cake she had ever eaten!  But from that mistake, like all mistakes, I learned a valuable lesson.  All ingredients are important!  As I grew, my cooking skills grew also, as did my love for cooking and baking.  I have shared that love of cooking through teaching adult and teen cooking classes, as well as through cooking for my family.  My children and grandchildren all love to cook and bake – and are quite good at it too.  I hope to share that love of cooking with you through recipes, tips, and tricks of the trade!  And by the way, cooking becomes much more enjoyable when you have an organized pantry and kitchen – so I’ll be sharing tips on that as well.  Bon Appetit!


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