Austin – Home away from Home

austin, texas

Our love of Austin began when our son moved there 4 years ago.  We began visiting him there and soon found ourselves being drawn to the culture, energy, creativity and beauty of the city.  We began thinking about how we could make Austin our second home, and then we found the Denizen04 – a condominium community nestled in 78704.  This was a God thing for sure!  This place is everything I would have wanted if I had built it myself.  Community minded, eco-friendly, lots of green space, sustainable living, minimalist design – well just everything about it agrees with my philosophy.

We are purchasing a one-bedroom condo there, with a garage, and a yard!  Now you just don’t find that very often in the downtown area!  It is 745 square feet of functional, well-planned living space – right up my alley!  In my  mind and on paper I am already planning how I can utilize every square inch!

If you’re an Austin lover too, check out the Denizen  – it might just become your home away from home too!  And if you find it is – I hope you’ll give me a call.  I can help you pare down, pack up, and move into a space that has been designed to function!


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